Experience Brunico

Holidays in Brunico: dine around, shopping & city vibes

A place with many different aspects

Brunico, a lively, joyful town. The very heart of the Val Pusteria.
This is where people meet for a coffee, a slice of cake or an ice-cream cup; where they enjoy an Aperol spritz in the evening, go shopping on the Via Centrale, or visit the market on Via Bastioni and in Piazza Municipio. Once a year, people gather in Piazza Stegona to hunt for bargains in the splendid Stegona market, the largest of its kind in all Tyrol …

Shopping in Brunico Bruneck old town Shopping in the evening By bike in Brunico Bruneck town alley Bruneck town alley in the evening

A stroll around Brunico

A good start to the day

Do you prefer a hearty breakfast or the classic croissant and coffee? Our breakfast buffet has something for everyone!

Our tips:
  • Cin Cin | Brunch & Bar – one minute’s walk
  • Aperocafé | Café & Bar – two minutes’ walk
  • Pur Südtirol | Bistro & Gourmet – two minutes’ walk

A walk around town is always worth the effort …

There are certain places that really deserve a visit!
Via Bastioni hosts various markets, including the farmers’ market and the Christmas market. Take a stroll along this street as far as Via Centrale and one of the city gates. This is certainly one of the most attractive shopping streets in South Tyrol, with its various pediments, bay windows, colourful facades and cheerful paintings that create the setting for the many shop windows along the street.

The Brunico Christmas market

The magic of Christmas fills the air: the town is decorated with festive lights, giving it an evocative charm and special beauty. Sweet melodies provide the background for a stroll among the many attractive stalls selling South Tyrolean crafts and local specialities. You can also enjoy some unusual attractions, such as the “Duftstadel” (Perfume Barn) or the “Silent Point” …

Goodies at the Christmas market Brunico Christmas market Christmas Market

Fancy a snack?

Shopping is also a sport (just think of all the walking involved) and so tends to make you hungry. A little snack between shops will take the edge off that …

Ice, Ice Baby: ice cream parlours
  • Marlù | Pastry shop and ice cream parlour – only five minutes’ walk
  • LieblingsspEISe Gatterer | Ice cream parlour – only two minutes’ walk
  • Götsch | Pastry shop and ice cream parlour – only two minutes’ walk
Cake & Coffee: pastry shop
  • Götsch | Pastry shop and ice cream parlour – only two minutes’ walk
  • Mondschein | Pastry shop and dessert bar – only 4 minutes’ walk
  • Acherer | Pastry and flower shop – only six minutes’ walk
  • Aperocafé | Café & Bar – two minutes’ walk

Nature meets culture

Now you’ve filled your stomach, we can continue: how about a little culture? Would you like to join a guided tour of the town, or pay a visit to Brunico castle? It houses one of the Messner Mountain Museums (MMM Ripa), set up by local mountaineer Reinhold Messner and dedicated to the mountain peoples of the world. That’s great! You can continue your tour by crossing the footbridge. The path leads to the cemetery in the woods, the burial place for wartime soldiers and prisoners of war. It is unexpectedly beautiful and poignant at the same time. On your return to the town, and if you are interested in churches, you may well like to visit Brunico’s parish church, and the handsome Church of Santa Caterina. And one last tip? The Teodone Museum of Customs and Traditions. This interactive, predominantly open-air museum, will engage and interest visitors of every age. It’s a 25-minute walk from our building, or a short trip by city bus.

A world of experiences

In addition to the attractions of Brunico, the surrounding area also has lots to offer. What about a little trip to Ameto? It stands above Brunico, and gives you a splendid view of the town, the surrounding basin and the mountains, as well as the chance to visit the tree of love. Are you looking for somewhere cool in the summer? Then the Riva Waterfalls at Campo Tures will fit the bill. Would you like to experience a real adrenaline rush? Have you ever heard of the longest zipline in Europe? Well, it’s right here in the Plan de Corones holiday area, or more precisely at San Vigilio di Marebbe. Is that not enough for you? Then you’d better pack your bags and set off on your active holiday!

Lumen Hiking around Bruneck MMM in the winter Brunico Castle Reinbach waterfalls

Happy Hour and dinner

There are so many mouth-watering possibilities. Whether you’re looking for dinner or a cocktail, these are places where you can relax and talk about your day, drink a toast to life, and then set out on your personal culinary journey.

For foodies: restaurants, inns and fine dining
  • Rienzbräu | Restaurant, pizzeria and brewery – next to our complex
  • Waink’s | Restaurant and lounge bar – only six minutes’ walk away
  • Cosmos | Restaurant and bar – just two minutes’ walk
  • Weißes Lamm | Restaurant – only five minutes’ walk
  • Schöneck | Fine dining restaurant – only twelve minutes by car (Falzes)
  • Alpinn Food Space & Restaurant | Restaurant and bistro – on the Plan de Corones
  • Sichelburg | Restaurant – only eleven minutes by car (Falzes)
  • Blitzburg | Restaurant – only five minutes’ walk
Happy hour: aperitifs and going out with friends
  • Wörtz Bäck | Café, pub and lounge bar – just five minutes’ walk
  • Komot | Aperobistro and bar – only twelve minutes’ walk
  • Dillinger | Bar – only five minutes’ walk

Is that all?

Of course not, but we don’t want to reveal everything up front. Come on holiday to Brunico and discover the hidden secrets of this splendid town.

Guaranteed fun:
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